Long Shanks


This is the very first picture that comes up when I google, “long shanks,” a nickname my endearing Grandmother has given me.


You can’t even see his arms in this picture. Or like the 12 after. BUT my Grandmother deemed this name appropriate for meeee because of my long arms! Today we are talking about my arms. My armssss. Talkin’ ’bout…my armss!!


Look. My sleeves never match my level of celebration.


Not on my 81st birthday, not now.

And for a while, my arms bothered me. Nothing ever fit them. They scared me if I looked at them at a weird angle.


But now, when my Grandmother calls me that, it makes me laugh. And she never ever met for it to be mean, she was just pointing it out. But now, I love talking about how long my arms are. I am the go-to to reach tall things or things wedged between things, and my sister even said I have never failed in my reach.


I now get medium sized long-sleeves. And it’s great. Like not just saying that, I am so happy with my arms. Love what God gave ya, amirighttt??!



Also I can have way more fun waving them around. And good luck getting around these windmills when I’m guarding you for some three on three.


I joke and enjoy my long arms so much, my friends even try to have long arms too. It’s now a cool thing. It’s basically the next trend. Arm extensions are coming. Say goodbye to hair extensions for the next big thing!

First blog post is what they told me to call this

This is my first post. On this blog. But I have had many blogs before. This is perhaps my fifteenth blog. But this time is different.
You see, this time, I am in college. And interesting things happen in college. Also more weird things happen, so that’s good too!
Also, credit to big-small sister, Sami (samicase.com)!
Soooo hello! Look at my “about me” page if you have other questions that probably won’t be answered!